Hançer İnşaat Ltd., one of the experienced companies in the building industry. Company was founded in 2000. We are building your future with solid steps with a team based on experience and professionalism. Our company, which started  activity in the 2000s, also undertakes a dynamic and innovative structure, as well as Hançer İnşaat Ltd. under the direction of our founder Ali Hançer,continues its activities to the present time.
Our company, which operates in the fields of housing projects, landscape arrangements, infrastructure, repairing, restoration and strengthening in accordance with the needs of the period during its establishment, has many successors, especially in the construction of schools, hotels, offices, factories, industrial buildings and facilities, with its experienced and developing team. 
Our company, which aims to produce innovative solutions suitable for developing technology as a requirement of modern life, has adopted the principle of going one step further in every new project with a young and dynamic structure under the leadership of an experienced management team.

Dear Business Partners and Customers;

Since 2000, when we stepped into this business world with the construction market sector; With our expert, dynamic and creative projects accompanied by our professional staff we are offering  you excellent services.

Our belief in a good future, good and success was the most important force that carries us forward; Hançer Construction Ltd. In the light of our knowledge, experience and strength from our company, Hançer İnşaat Ltd. we established our company and this locomotive power. We have focused on investments that create added value by assuming our mission to contribute to the services of Cyprus in the process of change-transformation. We built residences by making a difference in the sector by standing behind our promises in line with this mission.

While continuing to set an example in the sector in terms of reputation and reliability with our stable rise, quality and reasonable price policy; We will continue to implement our strategies with our high working pace, to add value to the sector and the country's economy, to fulfill our promises, to make a difference in the sector and to be followed, despite the ongoing uncertainties and risks both in the economy and in the sector.

Hançer Construction Ltd. as  with our knowledge, experience and professionalism we have a common power and aim to reach the summit with our dear friends…

Chairman of the Board

Our vision ;
Our aim is to create different designs with the best solutions in aesthetic and functional aspects, to go above customer expectations without sacrificing quality, to provide unconditional satisfaction of our customers and to lead our sector by providing satisfaction of our employees ...

Our mission ;
High standard, high quality service, using high quality material to maximize customer satisfaction, respecting the time and rights of our customers,
To fulfill our responsibilities to humanity, environment and universal values ...

  • To meet the needs and expectations of existing and prospective customers and to provide services on customer expectations,
  • To fulfill the requirements of the quality management system, to ensure that the system works efficiently and continuously,
  • To keep the motivation of our employees high and to improve their performances,
  • To see our suppliers as business partners, to always keep the respect and trust between us at the highest level,
  • Being open to innovation, using the latest technologies and always looking for better,
  • Being sensitive and careful about work safety and protection of the environment,
  • To carry out our activities in accordance with the laws and standards,
  • To utilize our resources in the most efficient manner, to keep the title that we have earned rightfully in the sector with safe and high quality works, giving importance to people and knowing the value of human life,
  • Constructing our commitments in accordance with the project and technique,
  • To make life even more livable,  offering high standards of living

As Ali Hançer; In order to meet the current and future requirements and expectations of our customers with the conditions of developing competition, to make the existing system suitable for contemporary management systems, to ensure institutionalization in all functions and to achieve optimum productivity values ​​in the processes, we are working hard to create a beautiful future.

Since our establishment in 2000; With all our employees , continuous development has gained the ability to satisfy their customers in their sector with the production skills, flexible production ability to respond to customer expectations as soon as possible with the production and management structure as we have identified as one of our main goals in taking part in Social Responsibility projects .

Touching the entire Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus; We carry out projects together with the people and organizations that have been branded in the subjects that contribute to the international representation of our country.

In this way, we also plan to contribute to the recognition of the importance of our sector and the development of our brand to create value for our country. We allocate significant funds from our sources in order to introduce these values ​​from children to young people, from culture to art, from tourism to sports in national and international fields and to be a good example for another companies.

From Culture to Art ...

As we continue to progress forward from the point we have reached in the sector; Taking the principle of giving back to the society, we are taking part in culture and art activities appropriate to our brand values.

As our company's brand face for 2 years, we are supporting the sports and sports support projects in addition to the support given to culture and art in order to strengthen, develop and promote the region.

From Sports to Training ..

The largest investment is investment in people and education. Education investment paves the way for investments in other areas and gives them meaning.

Support for Education for a Better Future is in Progress.


As HANÇER Construction, there are criteria that we attach importance to so that you can use your home more efficiently and live a happier and more peaceful life in your home.


Although the importance of urbanism and building design is newly understood in our country, it cannot be said that much has been done in this regard. Our company has never lost its aesthetic concerns in building design and continues to make the most beautiful building of every street / street it enters.

 The world accepts that architecture is an art; While successfully applying this science in their living spaces; we cannot expect us to be doomed to live in four-cornered boring colors and shapes.

 When you enter your street / street, HANÇER Construction will continue to design and manufacture structures that will make you think "Here is my home".


 One of the most important factors in the structure is ECONOMY. Although this is generally perceived as cheapness, mainly; the total cost to you during the duration of your building. In other words, the productions, repairs, heating costs, electricity consumption, etc. that you added during use ...

As a company, by acting with the logic of “turnkey” in our buildings, we have included the structural elements that are generally left to the user, such as furniture designs. We have applied decorative details that will affect the visual of your home in our projects. We chose quality products that you can use for many years. In addition, by insulating the independent sections of the buildings from walls and floors; fuel consumption is reduced to the lower limits and the most important problem of the heating system is solved.


  Do you know how many m2 of lost space in the apartment you are living in? Or what is the ratio of the hall of your apartment to the total area? Why is your kitchen cabinet not enough? Why doesn't your house get the sun properly even though it faces south?

 In fact, the answer to all these questions is primarily in the architect who designed your home. Building design is a very comprehensive job that directly touches human life and habits. From the moment you enter your home or workplace, you now live under the direction of the design. This is an element that even affects your happiness. Undoubtedly, the most suitable design for your use is; It is the one that responds best to the needs and is functional in all aspects.

The design teams that HANÇER Construction works in are at the leading position in this regard; is aware that random designs will reflect on human life as unhappiness.


 SPEED requires technical equipment, good organization and power in building fabrication. Our company, with the advantage of having all these features, completes the structures in an optimum time and makes them ready for housing.


 The places that surround you and you are happy to live are especially comfortable ones.

 Finding electricity, TV or telephone sockets wherever you need, while using the central antenna; Using a satellite receiver and the cable not to roam inside the house, the living areas in which we are located are at the level to meet our needs, Adequate social facilities, a safe area for our vehicles, 24/7 security cameras ...

  These are the standard details you can find in our projects. However, to know that the manufacturing defects that may occur after settling in the structure will be eliminated in a short time; it is also a source of peace.


  As HANÇER Construction, we build all our buildings according to Municipality and “Building Inspection” standards.

 Free from the mistakes of traditional building production techniques; We produce structures that are based on scientific foundations, with innovative and technical applications that will show maximum resistance in natural disasters. As a company, we believe that "nobody has the right to play with human life" and we act with this in mind.


 We work with guaranteed and long-lasting brands in every material used. Maximum protection of the building from internal and external factors is ensured and detail solutions are carefully applied.

Hançer Construction Ltd. It has become one of the leading and monitored companies of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in its sector by combining the power it gained from its 20 years of experience, qualified human resources and technological developments in a very harmonious way.

The general policy of Hançer İnşaat Ltd. for Human Resources can be defined as ensuring the motivation, efficiency and happiness of the employees in the appropriate working environment and increasing personal development by mobilizing all technological and educational tools.

Hançer Construction Ltd. With the awareness that investing in people is an indispensable principle of success, many new projects on Human Resources have been implemented and continue to be implemented.

As a requirement of this understanding, Hançer İnşaat Ltd. Performance Evaluation Plans are made once a year. Performance evaluation is based on concrete, measurable goals and competencies.

The reason for the implementation of the performance system; To show employees a  clear direction, to get guidance and feedback from their managers and to increase their motivation.